Our purpose is to IMPROVE the lives of our Customers...


MKOBO is licensed as a Microfinance Bank by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). We started operations in August 2015. MKOBO is not your typical MFB, we do not have a banking hall nor do we accept cash deposit. All transactions are done electronically.

We are primarily focused on the promotion of inclusive financial services through the development of innovative financial services that leverages technology to eliminate the costs and complexities usually associated with traditional financial services.

Our business model is to provide simple money solutions by way of secured and unsecured credit to individuals and MSME/SME’s within our target market, through the development of sustainable business partnership.

Our Vision

To be recognised as a leading provider of quick, flexible and affordable financial services to SMEs and Individuals.

Our Mission

To deliver innovative financial solutions that are clear, honest, transparent and simple by leveraging technology to eliminate the complexity and associated costs with traditional finance services.

Our Objectives

To leverage disruptive technology and deploy innovative business model with non-traditional data sources to minimise risk, curtail overheads and complexities of providing finance services to MSMEs and individuals; and increase stakeholders’ value.

Our Values


Customer-centric:- We provide a flexible and practical approach to customer requirements.


Honesty always:- Honesty, fairness, ethics and transparency are at the heart of our interactions with staff and customers.


Challenge status quo:- We believe that meaningful and productive deviations are the result of observing challenges and opportunities from new angles and exercising our curiosity.


We keep it simple:- We ensure that we are transparent in all our communications with Stakeholders and we will always give our customers the information that allows them to make an informed decision. We don’t hide anything in the small print – the service our customers see online is the service they get.


Everyone is accountable:- We accept responsibility for our actions and deliver on our promises. We make and support business decisions through vast experiences, sound judgment and ownership of outcomes.


Honour relationships:- We treat our stakeholders (team members, customers, partners and suppliers) with mutual respect and sensitivity, recognising the importance of diversity. We respect all individuals and value their contributions in all aspects of the business.


Build one team:- We actively communicate to achieve the best results. Respect and acknowledge all stakeholders’ inputs and experiences by working together.

Join Us

At Mkobo, we work hard to create inclusive and diverse team that support our business and each other. We care about our employees and ensure they constantly grow with the business.