Unexpected emergencies and expenses are unfortunately something we can’t avoid in our everyday life, from monthly bills to impulse buys; these seem to catch us at our most vulnerable period. We all tend to fall into the trap of exhausting our salaries before the end of the month, sometimes even going overboard by spending more money than we are expected to receive at the end of the month, thereby incurring debt in the process.

Payflow; a financial wellness and inclusion platform was built basically to solve these financial problems by providing employees access to their Earned wages anytime during the month before payday. Take advantage of Payflow now and manage your finances with these easy tips:

  1. EARN: Get on demand access to up to 50% of your earned salary whenever you need it at 0% interest rate, download Payflow from playstore or App store, register and start earning your salary immediately. For each cashout we process we charge a small transaction and service fee but NO INTEREST is charged!
  2. LEARN: Improve your financial literacy with Payflow; you can gain knowledge on how to gain financial freedom; budget, save and spend accurately with our educational tools available.
  3. PLAN: Payflow helps you plan and budget your expenses, keep track of where your funds are going with our goal-based budgeting and planning engine, powered with machine learning and AI, you can gain control of your finances.
  4. SAVE: As a wise man once said, think of saving as well as getting, Payflow gives you optimum opportunity to save from your earnings, simply set up savings goals and decide how much you want to save from your earnings each month.
  5. PRODUCTIVITIY: Payflow is beneficial to employees as well as employers, with Payflow; employees are more focused on their jobs as all financial stress has been sorted out and taken off their shoulders, thereby increasing productivity at work.
  6. RETAIN: Payflow offers employees a financial wellness benefit which has been proven to help increase retention and reduce staff turnover.

Get the Payflow App, stay debt free and enjoy unlimited earnings!