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Lifeline Loans

Working Capital Loan

Our Lifeline Working Capital Loan is specifically targeted at experienced Agents working for licensed Network Managers. This product provides quick access to loans of up to N500,000 to be used by Agents to increase their Agency business and transaction volume thereby helping to grow their business. You must be an Agent for a Network Manager within our partnership network and must have been trading for a minimum of 6 months.

Benefits of Working Capital Loan


Credit amount is tailored based on your transaction volume.

Instant Decison

Instant decision and disbursement.


No collateral required or lengthy application process.


Loans term is a maximum of 7 days.


Flexible repayment terms either daily or weekly.


Competitive interest rates which decreases over time.

Asset Finance

Our Lifeline Asset Finance product is specifically targeted at financing assets that help people generate income. We partner with Organisations that provide opportunities to a large number of people to generate income. Like Uber, Max, Taxify etc. Our process is easy and straightforward with the Asset used as collateral for the loan. You must be a member of one of the Organisations within our partnership network to access this product.

Benefits of Asset Finance Loan

Loan Amount

Credit amount is subject to each business partnership agreement.

Instant Decision

Instant decision and disbursement, no requirement for lengthy application process.


Asset purchased is used as collateral.

Loan Terms

Loan term is a maximum of 12 months Flexible repayment terms either weekly or monthly.


Flexible repayment terms either daily or weekly.


Competitive and transparent interest rates.

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