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CAREERS :: You Can Bank on MKOBO


Want to join the team that’s changing the face of micro-credit in Nigeria?

Millions of Nigerians still don’t have access to credit even though these individuals are employed and may receive a salary, some are stillmarginalized by both the formal financial sector and even some microfinance banks.At MKOBO we are looking to help these people by providing innovativefinancial products and services, which is affordable and do not requirethe Customer to have any collateral. We are just getting started.

Our days are spent working hard to deliver on our promise to our customers. We learn fast. We refuse to live with broken. We will present you with new opportunities based on merit, not politics. We believe we are all owners of MKOBO, and we act accordingly.

Recognizing and celebrating our successes, big and small, is part of what keeps us going each day. As a young Company we are flexible and ambitious and we are looking for like-minded people, not afraid to challenge the status quo, try new ideas and stand up for what they believe in. As a MKOBO employee, you’ll enjoy paid vacation, HMO, an opportunity to grow with the Company and more importantly you will be treated with respect as a valued member of the team.

Below are some of the roles we currently have available, if you believe you are a good fit to be part of the Dream Team, then drop us an email at


There are no current job openings.