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Christmas Savings Club :: You Can Bank on MKOBO

Christmas Savings Club


Christmas Savings Club

Join the MKOBO Christmas Savings Club today and start saving for a stress free Christmas, you will also be in for a chance to WIN A BRAND NEW LG FRIDGE FREEZER. Opening an account is very simple, just click on the button below, complete the form and choose your savings option!





  • Save from as little as N25,000 to a maximum of N200,000
  • Maturity is 10th of December 2018, amount saved, with accrued interest will be transfered to the registered Bank Account.
  • You cannot liquidate the account before the maturity date.
  • To save over N200,000 please contact us for more information on our Fixed Deposit Account
  • We will stop accepting new applications on the deadline 12th of October 2018


How It Works

  • Decide how much you want to save
  • Complete the simple application form
  • Choose your preferred payment option
  • We open your account once payment is received
  • On maturity date 10/12/2018 funds are transferred to you
  • Winner of the LG Fridge/Freezer is notified
  • Have a wonderful Christmas!!

For more information or to discuss your requirements with us contact us on 0700 000 65626 | 081 425 28301 | 0908 0640 4444 or email us at